Glacier National Park, Part Three: Calm Fun? (Aug 2015)

Glacier National Park, Part Three: Whitefish and Flathead Lake, MT (Aug 2015)

Zip lining at Whitefish Mountain?  Yes, zip lining for the girl who does not like heights!  This one I did purely for JR.  I was so nervous, but I have to give it to the folks at Whitefish Mountain.  They set you up “not to fail.”  You start out small – a 100 foot line only about 20 feet high.  Each zip is a little longer and a little higher, with the longest / highest being 1900 feet long, 300 feet above the valley floor.  Which was the most fun?  Even I will tell you it was the longest, highest zip.  Crazy, I know!

Zip - JR & Jen (720x1280)

Photographic evidence of us before our potentially untimely deaths, and zip 300 ft in the air! Whaaaa???

Zip (1280x720)

Sure, just voluntarily jump off this ledge!

I will say, all the equipment is a little off-putting.  They put you in an involved harness and show you how to use your trolley.  And, it’s a bunch of kids running the tour.  That concerned me a bit at first (looking for things to worry over), but they were great, great kids.  Ever since I first booked the “adventure,” I worried I would wimp out.  Someone did (actually a couple about our age), but not me!  Yea me!  Actually I knew I wouldn’t wimp out as there were no refunds and it wasn’t cheap.  It was just a matter of how I handled it.

Zip2 (853x1280)

That’s us, bottom center.

Zip-JR+Jen (1280x853)

This is the “pencil” move to make you go faster. The “starfish” move slows you down. I exhibited a lot of “starfish.” Honestly, why are my hands not on the trolley here?!

JR and I were wearing our Fit Bits while we were on the zip lining tour.  Before we were about to throw ourselves off the side of the mountain for the highest, longest zip line, I asked JR what his heart rate was.  His was normal.  Mine was 115!  On the very, very edge of calm fun.  Have I done a post on “calm fun?”  If not I need to.  I’m all about the calm fun.  Me and adrenaline are not friends.  If you are interested in seeing the zip lines and view from them, go to  Pretty cool.

Zip JR Vacation Face (1280x853)

Here’s that “vacation” face again. So handsome!

We also rode a lift to the top of the mountain since it was such a pretty day.  Frankly, the lift worried me more than the zip lines.  Makes no sense.  Beautiful view though!

Whitefish - lift ride (1280x716)

For our last two days in Glacier country, we spent our afternoons on Flathead Lake.  It was great.  We really wanted to try paddleboarding, but again, we chose windy days to be there, and we honestly weren’t up for the rental logistics.  Another time.  Instead, we paddled out to a small island in the lake and hung out there for the afternoon.  We tried to get Scarlett to ride in JR’s kayak because it was too far for her to swim, but she wasn’t having it.  Instead, she nearly sank his kayak.  Don’t worry, Scarlett got her swim time in later.

FL - Island (714x1280)

There’s our little island!

FL - JR cannonball (720x1280)

Post cannonball! The water was C-O-L-D!

Hunt Island (1280x720)

Hunt Island2 (1280x720)

Exploring for a good tent camp site

Hunt Island3 (1280x720)

The beauty of the water in these glacial lakes is indescribable. Probably nature’s best feature of our trip. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Bye Lake (720x1280)

Bye Island!

Flathead - JR & Scarlett (1280x720)

Bunny’s favorite thing – retrieving a stick from the lake for Daddy

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the deer were making themselves at home.  Picture via the webcam:

Back at the ranch

We did a great job wearing Scarlett out all week.  There are probably 50 pictures of her out like a light, but I won’t bore you with more than three:

Scarlett nodding off

My ears say “stay alert” but my eyes wont’ cooperate!

Scarlett - out like a light

Just can’t….oof.

And, lastly, our campsite mascot, left behind by a prior camper.  JR adopted the Army Guy.  When Scarlett was sound, sound asleep, we put Army Guy right in front of her face.

Scarlett army guy

The two of them stayed like this for another 10-15 minutes.  When Scarlett woke up, she woke up with quite the start!  We had quite a giggle at her expense.  Don’t worry though, we made it up to her in treats.  I think she was okay with that.

Unfortunately, it came time to pack up and head home.  I didn’t want to leave.  The trip had definitely been my favorite camping trip of the year.  Although it was hard to disconnect from email and internet at first, I was so glad we did.  It was great.  As for Glacier National Park, I was a bit disappointed.  Honestly, it looked like the rest of Montana!  It looked like the view right in front of our own house, 485 miles back home.  Truly, this is a testament to the beauty of Montana.  Now, if we’d been able to go over Logan Pass or hike to any of the glacial lakes, I’m sure it would have been a different experience.  It’s a good excuse to go back, get another look, and get the full Glacier experience!  Anybody game for Summer ’17?  I promise, you don’t have to ride with us!

Scarlett was a true champ the whole trip.  I’m so glad we gave her a great trip too.  What a fun girl.

Bunny & Jen

My baby

She was always “game” for anything.  I’m glad to have a few more pictures with my girl.  And, she was super excited to get home to a rainbow…




Goats at the Lazy J?  “Did the Hunts become goat herders?” you ask?  Once again, I think you know the answer, but stay tuned anyway!

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  1. Thank you for the enjoyable 45-min. catch up on your trip! You have a wonderful gift for words! Never a dull moment for you two, especially with that black cloud that seems to follow you two. Glad to hear all turned out well in spite of it. I downloaded a few of your beautiful photos! Love you guys, Laura/Mom

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