Catch Up Post (June 2015)

Catch Up Post (June 2015)

In March some fool over in Luther decided to burn his back yard.  In the afternoon.  In the wind.

Luther fire

Can you guess what happened?  Grass fire.  The firefighters stopped it before it got any closer to a propane tank.  Can you imagine being this guy?  What do you do?  Do you take a plate of cookies to every neighbor and say, “Sorry I almost burned your house down”?  Geez.  This was the day before we hosted a massive BBQ.  JR and I were waaaaay too busy to take any pictures!  But, I can attest that the food was top notch, the crowd was great, and fun was had by all.

In April, I turned (ahem) forty.  I had a great day and heard from all my nearest and dearest by card, phone calls, texts, and emails.  I love you guys!

Email box

I got my inbox down to 9 emails! Woo hoo!

Scarlett Walk face

I took a nice walk with this weirdo


Did a Barre3 session


JR took me out for margaritas and dinner

High heels

I wore these bad boys

All in all, a great day!

Also in April, Kris came for a visit!  She and JR and had a nice afternoon together

Kris & JR

and I joined them for happy hour in Roscoe!

Kris JR & Jen

Then, we hopped back on the rollercoaster:

Up we go!  In April, JR and I went to Bozeman for two nights and we brought this silly pup.

Scarlett window

We ate BBQ on the way to attend our very first country music concert.

BBQ chair


We had local brews before the show, and the next day we had a breakfast we still talk about.  You know it’s all about that food, ’bout that food.  The show was great, quite a production:

Flames (1280x720)

Are there enough flames?

The show was on the Montana State campus which was a very pretty place.  Fun to be around the youngins at a concert.

Us in BZ

Squinting into the sun


Country music show = cowboy boots

Can’t wait to go again.

And, down we go:  In May, I weeded near trees that had recently been treated with pesticides.  I didn’t even think about wearing gloves because I didn’t think about the tree-treatment and even if I had, well, I’ve never been allergic to anything at all.  The next day I swelled up like a beach ball (arms, legs, eyes, lips).  I visited the local ER.  I visited the local ER again.  Insert low level medical drama (any drama is too much for me). Spent a few weeks on high doses of meds (I don’t recommend this), and finally got over it.  Let’s just say, I’m done weeding for awhile.  And, no pictures of this horrid time will be posted 🙂

Up we go again:  I got some very exciting new parts – a brand new replacement vacuum pump and a brand new replacement foot.  Ahhh, life is good.


Love the foot, hate the man-foot shell. Deciding to take function over form on this one!

And down we come:  The cows came back and within one week managed to push through the neighbor’s fence, and walk around and poop everywhere.

Cows appear

Oh no

Cows get loose

Cows on the wrong side of the cattle guard

Cows get pushed

Ha! Cows back on the correct side of the cattle guard!

Now, you know why there were no posts for awhile.  There are a few posts in process now though, so stay tuned!  And, now that summer is here, I am certain we are back on the upswing for a long while!


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  1. We are looking forward to seeing you…..less than a week! You keep so busy, save something for us to do!

  2. I love reading your posts. Miss you both so much. Just a comment about what a marmot eats; of all things strangely they eat the belts under the hood of your vehicles. I learned that camping in the Sequoia National Park. So beware!

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