How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck… (6-4-15)

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck… (6-4-15)

Another interesting day in the world of small animals.  Wednesday evening I was talking to JR – he was outside the basement working on a project.  I was just inside the house, at the french doors.  JR was talking and I kept hearing this really strange sound, seemingly from inside the house.  I thought nothing of it at first.  I figured it was outside.  Then I heard it again, and again and then I heard something bang on the egress window glass.  That got my attention.  I went in, followed the sound, and found this:


Never good in an emergency, I frantically yelled out to JR, “there’s a beaver in the window and he’s eating the house!”  Words tumbling over each other, I could barely get them out and yet I was yelling at the same time.  Now, obviously, the little guy is not a beaver, but under “extreme duress,” I couldn’t come up with anything else.  JR came in to look at him and we figured “woodchuck.”  Not that we’ve ever seen a woodchuck except in “Caddyshack.”  Out came the Scats and Tracks book (so useful!) and turns out the little dude is a marmot.  Obviously I named him Murray.  We guess the little guy fell into the window.  He sure made a mess – the window is all smudged up, the window trim is chewed up, and he dug a hole trying to escape.


Help me!


Anyone? Anyone?


Jenny: My, what big teeth you have!  Murray:  The better to chew up your window trim with, my dear!




JR put a piece of wood in the window as a ramp for Murray’s exit, but he (Murray) got all mad and chirpy (JR wasn’t super happy either).  After that, Murray went in the hole he dug out and slept.  It was getting dark so we figured that was all we could do until morning.  I felt bad for Murray.  I worried about him – it was storming and the little guy was all tuckered out.

Jen & Murray

This is me telling Murray “goodnight” and “hang in there” and “we’ll try again the next day to help him.” Poor Murray.  I didn’t know I was being watched 🙂

Thursday morning, I went to check on him first thing.  He was trying to use the ramp, but it was too wet and he kept sliding back down.  JR got a pallet and put that in the window as more of a ladder-type escape.  Murray got mad/chirpy again and had to have a rest.  After awhile, he got brave enough to start climbing.  After another ten minutes or so, he got himself out.

We figured he would run away as fast as he could.  No such luck.  He walked around the house and went to rest under JR’s truck.  JR tried to run Murray off, but Murray ended up under the deck stairs.  I need to go get Freckles from next door and get him to chase Murray away.  Goodness knows Scarlett is too chicken.  She’s still on “lockdown” anyway.  I do not need medical bills from a marmot beating up my dog!  On the other hand, I don’t want Freckles to murder Murray after all the trouble we went through to rescue him.  Looks like we’ll be seeing Murray for awhile.

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  1. What does a marmot eat? Maybe you could trap him and relocate him…..far away. He is kinda cute though. “A” for your efforts to get him out of his perdicament!

  2. I am just amazed! There is never a dull minute around you guys! And all the critters
    just seem to love you! They never want to leave!

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