Walker Got a Trim and Other Ramblings (1-27-2015)

Walker Got a Trim and Other Ramblings (1-27-2015)

Today I met the Farrier.  What a character!  He was so nice and it was amazing to watch him do his job!  Walker (as well as the other horses) needed a hoof trim.  Who knew horses needed such a thing?  I went over early to groom her and clean out her hooves a little first.  It makes for a very early, but pretty great Tuesday morning!  It took me five or so tries to get her to give me her first hoof.  The farrier?  Took him zero time.  Zero.  Uh huh.  I see how it is Walker.  A bit of a respect issue I believe.

The farrier cut Walker’s hooves just like they were giant finger nails.  He cut the frog too.  I can’t imagine doing that for the first time.  Like surgeons, I’m glad someone can do the job!

If you are interested, you can watch “Two Minutes with Tab” (which is actually over six minutes).  Tab may be good at being a farrier, but his video person can’t tell time.  This is the closest thing to what the farrier did to Walker today (ending at around minute 4).  It seems Walker’s hooves are in a lot better shape than the horse in the video.  All the neighbor’s horses are very well cared for!

After the trim, our neighbor and I took Walker for a walk to work on leading.  We were able to do this because there is NO SNOW on the road or ground.  Obviously, this is because we put up snow fence and road markers this year 🙂 Works for me because now I am cleared to walk Walker up the road a bit.  Yes!  It should help pass the time until Spring when we can really get to work.

I do love grooming time with Walker.  I go over and just tell her all about my day and what she and I can look forward to together this year.  She’s a great listener!  Hee hee.  Someday I think I’ll say something and she’ll cock her head like, “No way!” and I’ll be like “Yes way!”  We aren’t quite on the same wavelength yet though.  Each time I tell her we’re both going to get in better shape and then there’s going to be two good lookin curly-headed brunettes walking Scilley Mountain Vista!

In other news, we have a moose (cow) hanging around at mile marker 8 on Hwy 78.  We are just before mile marker 10.  This must be the year of no snow and lots of moose.

And, in other not-so-great news, my Otto Bock Trias foot is starting to fail.  It started making a loud clicking sound during physical therapy on Monday.  We stopped what we were doing (lunges) and changed exercises and I told my PT I was going to “Scarlett O’Hara that one.  I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  Well, tomorrow came and I texted the prosthetist videos and pictures.


He thinks the foot may be beginning to “delaminate.”  I guess I could have expected that from a nearly 8 year old foot.  So, I am currently awaiting a plan.  I was hoping to get a pump for my running leg this year (currently I use a vegetable bag sealer to suck all the air out of my socket), but that does not look good if I have to get two feet replaced.  I have my doubts that insurance will replace two feet in a year either.  If made to choose between Trias and Runway feet, it will be a very difficult choice.  I guess we’ll see.  Again, trying not to think about that until forced to do so!

But, after all that, my PT and I ran and I felt great.  Up to a whopping 3/4 mile.  I know it doesn’t sound like much.  It certainly would be shameful to the “me” who used to run 30 miles a week.  But, this is now and I am super happy.  In fact, I signed up for a 5k on April 12th.  Shhh…but I signed up JR, too.  Surprise JR!



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