Landscape – Phase II (8-20-14)

Landscape – Phase II (8-20-14)

This is a long-overdue post which, frankly, seems anticlimactic now that most of the shrubs have gone into winter-mode and have no more blooms or leaves (thanks to two snows already).  But…here we go….


JR and I got to give a little input on the location of our new trees.  With the help of the landscape expert’s knowledge on the wind-blocking properties of the trees and shrubs, and our first-hand knowledge of the predominant wind direction, we hope to end up with a good wind block for the upcoming winter.  We did place a little emphasis on blocking the view of the neighboring houses, but it certainly was not a top priority considering their distance from us.

I noticed the wind had died down so I went to grab the camera to go out and take pictures.  These gals about made me jump out of my skin!

Six does (1280x850)

These does are walking on the area where the landscape crew demolished the native tall pasture grass.  JR put seed down and it’s taking hold, even with all our bad weather.

Anyway, with no further ado…Ta-da!

Landscape - Side (1280x850)

Grass, Blue Spruce, Pine, red-twigged Isanti Dogwood, Chokecherry, Fragrant Sumac, Gold Finger….(he’s the man, the man with the Midas touch…a spider’s touch).  Now try and get that out of your head for the rest of the day!

I still miss our beloved cherry trees and real dogwood trees, but this is helping!

The deer didn’t seem to mind Scarlett and me too much.  They were in no hurry to move along.

Six does on their way (1280x850)

Just across the way, three bucks.  They were hanging around all day:

Three bucks (1280x850)

For the Final Part of Phase II, JR and I started and completed the stairs on the back deck!  This is what we started with:

Deck before (1280x721)


Deck stringers (1280x721)

Attached the stringers

Supervisor (1280x720)

Attaching the deck boards…with the Supervisor

JR booty shot (1280x850)

More boards…hee hee…booty shot!

Scarlett helping (1280x720)

She’s not really supervising anymore, but taking advantage of us not paying attention to her!

Falcon2 (1280x852)

Prairie falcon checking it out

Deck done! (1280x850)


Enjoying it (1280x850)

Enjoying it all!

 We are very glad to be done with Phase II!

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  1. The pictures of the wildlife (including Scarlett) were great.
    Glad you can cross another project off the list!

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