Time for Videos Round Two! (9-6-14)

Time for Videos Round Two! (9-6-14)

So JR has this “thing” he likes to do to me.  I take Scarlett for a walk up the road and halfway up, he comes out and calls Scarlett back to the house.  I am left walking alone.  Now, I know it’s good for me, but I’m not out to walk myself, I’m out to walk the dog!

So, JR whistles for my girl and without hesitation, Scarlett bolts to JR (the fun parent).  Once she gets back to the house she’s suddenly like, “Oh, where did Mama go?”  Yeah, “chopped liver” is where you left her!  So, JR will tell her to go get me.  By this time I have hidden myself in the waist high tall grass.  She is 100% reliable in finding me, no matter where I am.  She is awesome.


Part One – Where I Get Left Behind


Part Two – Where I Get Found  (Watch your volume at the end.  I get excited when I get found!)  P.S.  That rattling sound is my poor broken phone.  One drop too many!

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