Time for Videos! (8-29-14)

Time for Videos! (8-29-14)

It’s been awhile since we posted any videos.  This is Scarlett swimming in a shall-be-unnamed lake in which dogs are not supposed to swim.  What a bother!  The lake is located in a National Park…it’s the biggest lake…I think you know what I’m saying.

Anyway…JR and I paddled around a bit in Lewis Lake and Yellowstone Lake and it was windy as evidenced in the swimming videos.  It was like Scarlett was swimming in the ocean, and she loved it!  I think it’s pretty funny to see the wave catch her tush first, and then the rest of her body.

Goofy, but enjoy!

Short throw:


Long throw, and look at that booty shake:

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    • I have to come to my husband’s defense here. They aren’t jorts! They are light blue colored swim trunks! 🙂

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