Landscape – Phase II (8-19-14)

Landscape – Phase II (8-19-14)

The long-awaiting and much-desired Phase II of the Grand Landscape Plan has been started.  It will be a no-mud winter for us!  Well, at least a-lot-less-mud winter anyway.  This was all supposed to start the week after July 4th, but got delayed until this week.  We were starting to think our project would get pushed to next Summer and that was an ugly prospect.  As I like to say, patience may be a virtue, but it is not one of mine!

The equipment, trees, and shrubs came rolling in on Tuesday afternoon.

L-Equipment (1280x721)

I had to lock up Supervisor #2 so she would be out of the way.

L-Scarlett1 (721x1280)

Who’s here?


L-Scarlett2 (721x1280)

S: What are they doin’ to my play area, Mama? J: Don’t worry. You’ll like it.


L-Scarlett3 (721x1280)


Removal of weeds and outline of grass and bed areas.

L-Backyard (1280x721)

This looks better already!

Reconstruction of the original Phase I berm (dead tree removal and flattening of the berm)

L-Dead tree removed (1280x721)

Reconstruction including lowering and lengthening of JR’s berm (tears were shed over hours of his hard work, all for naught)

L-Side yard (1280x721)

West side of the house (looking NW)


L-Side yard1 (1280x721)

West side of the house (looking SW)

Stay tuned, Phase II finishes up soon!

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