Rosebud (Again) June 2014

Rosebud (Again) June 2014

We can’t get enough of East Rosebud Lake.  It is just too easily accessible!  I think I have only ever posted photos of the way out, and not the way back, so here’s the view back to the put-in spot.

ER - the other way (1024x577)

Once we got all the way back to our starting point, we were hungry and thirsty:

ER-Chips! (577x1024)

Mmmm…the Mike Sells!  Thanks Uncle Mike & Aunt Christine! My aunts and uncles take good care of us!


Soon after this, JR cut some walking paths all over the 20 acres for me and Scarlett:

ER-Path choices (1024x577)

So many choices!

Somebody likes them:

ER-Scarlett path (577x1024)

I like ’em too, Scarlett!

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  1. I love the pictures of Scarlett. The picture of your kayak
    looked like it was from a magazine it was so perfect. And
    I’m glad JR gets to enjoy the MikeSells too!

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