Snow, Mud, and Manure (4/13/14)

 Snow, Mud, and Manure (4/13/14)

We had four or five sunny, warm (50’s) days and they were wonderful!  All the snow in our pasture was melted.  Scarlett and I were really enjoying warmer walks.

Sunny Bunny

Scarlett and Sun!

Look!  No snow!

I’m feeding again for the neighbors, and even the pen was mostly dry.  This was such a pretty morning.

Morning feeding

Horses 1

It’s such a nice way to start the day.  Calm, quiet, and watching the big beautiful animals do their thing.

Days like these make us yearn for Spring to get here and stay!

Big Sky

And then came Saturday night / Sunday morning.  BOOM!  SNOW!  The mountain got 18 inches!  We got about four.  That’s four inches on top of a bunch of mud.  Here’s Scilley Mountain Vista:

This is why we can't park in the garage

This is why we can’t park in the garage

15 inch rut - Jenny...come drive over here...c' know you want to....NO!

15 inch rut – Jenny…come drive over here…c’mon…you know you want to….NO!

And the snow
That means I’m spreading hay on top of snow, on top of mud, mixed with a healthy dose of manure.  My feet get bogged down like they are in quicksand.
I shift my weight, and about lose my feet underneath me.  I came this close to biting the dust Sunday night.
Jen Scrunchy Nose
Luckily the four wheeler was there for me to grab onto.  Otherwise, oh, I can’t imagine.  I would have had a face/hair full of the snow/mud/manure trifecta.  Who knows, I still have a few more days of feeding to go.  Speaking of that four wheeler, that thing sure is fun to ride around on and rip through the mud!  It does not get stuck.  Now THAT is my kind of transportation!
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