Ski Joring and the Road (Mar 2014)

Ski Joring and the Road (Mar 2014)

Ski Joring is when crazy people put on skis and let another horse and rider pull them over jumps.  Well, that’s my definition anyway.  You can go to for their version.  JR and I went to watch a little bit of it in early March.  Even crazier people let their little kids do this, and JR and I watched the pee-wee and junior categories.  Very few made it around the course, but JR did get this picture:

Ski joring

Those little kids took some big falls.  I heard this couple next to us discussing the event and the woman was dismayed at some of the hard falls we had seen.  The guy said, “I thought you said you wanted to try ski joring!”  The woman said, “I want the dog to pull me, not a horse!”  Apparently in some cross country ski areas, you can skijor with your dog.  Clearly, this woman’s dog is much, much different than Scarlett.

We didn’t stay at the Skijoring event too long because, once again, we were not dressed properly.  My goodness, it’s been one year.  Why, oh why, can we not dress properly or at least leave extra layers in the car?  It was nice at home, and that is all I can say in our defense.

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but if you look, you can see plenty of snow for the jumps.  However, the surrounding area is nothing but mud.  We had some warm days that started melting the massive snow pack and it is causing problems all over the place.  Luckily, we are not suffering the flooding like some areas of Montana.  But, Carbon County (where we live) is offering sand bag supplies, should anyone need them.  I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that for us or the businesses in Red Lodge.  It’s been a tough enough past twelve months.

While no structures out our way have been damaged, the road is another story.  The melting runoff took out the better part of our road down by Hwy 78.

Road washout

The road used to be two car widths wide and in this picture it’s a one car road.  The part right by the highway had twelve to eighteen inch ravines.  It was like we were “bouldering” to get out of our own road.  Always an adventure out here at Scilley Mountain!  Some of us wouldn’t mind a little less adventure, though.  Happily, the County folks got on it very, very quickly, and the road has been repaired for the time being.  While it was close, I’ll call this one a draw, Road.  The score remains Jen 1, Road/Mud 0.


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  1. Just hang in there a little longer. I feel sure you will be rewarded with a
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