JR’s Commute (Mar 2014)

JR’s Commute (Mar 2014)

Happy Birthday JR!!

JR continues to commute to Gardiner, MT every other week.  He’s getting pretty blasé about all the animals he sees, but he has continued to take a few pictures for me.



These bison were just outside JR’s cabin.  On his last trip, JR said a kid was walking down this road, about 20 feet from the bison, on his way to school.  I guess both the boy and the bison are used to each other.  Can you imagine sending your kid down the road where there are 1000 to 2000 pound animals grazing?  Not me, and apparently, not JR either.  He offered the kid a ride to school.  The kid jumped right in with JR (I’m skeptical about this kid’s parenting at this point) but he did thank JR for the ride.  Before the kid closed the door, JR told him, “Don’t get into any trouble today!”  The kid replied, “No sir!  I won’t.”

JR was “mediating” a meeting on his most recent trip to Gardiner and these guys just start walking by the conference room:

Bison from conference room

JR says every once in awhile folks will stop talking and just look out the window at the animals.  On a prior trip, it was a herd of elk walking through town.  Definitely a different work environment than we are used to!

Poor JR, he had to mediate between a bunch of different groups and then he calls me and has to talk me down from the “mouse” experience (more on this coming on 3/31).  Sometimes he has long days!

Luckily, he usually has a pretty drive home:

JRs drive home view

Drive 2a

It’s pretty, but I’m still ready to see some green grass!

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