Feeding Part Two (Feb 2014)

Feeding Part Two (Feb 2014)

Wednesday evening feeding (Minus 8 degrees)

At least the sun was out!

Feeding - Sun

Horses feeding

Thursday morning feeding (Minus 22 degrees, windchill minus 36 degrees)

Today I added toe warmers, although that lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn’t feel those either.  Everyone had the eyelash issue, and everyone was frosty.  These pictures aren’t the best and not all are even in focus.  I couldn’t leave my hand out of my glove for long!




Smoke – hard to tell when her lashes are already white!


Misty with her pretty braids


Boomer (as in Sooner)

I learned that it hurts to touch the metal shop door handle with no gloves.  I learned my ski mask sticks to the corral fencing.  Good to know.  On the plus side, there were no road issues, and I think that was the coldest feeding I’ll have to endure over the next six days.

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