Feeding Horses in the Freezing Cold…Again (Feb 2014)

Feeding Horses in the Freezing Cold…Again (Feb 2014)

Well, here comes another cold snap, and a *wonderfully* timed out-of-town trip for our neighbors.  So, I’m on horse duty for a week.  Until the weekend, the high temp will be -1 degree.  Windchills?  Don’t want to even talk about it (-26 degrees).  After the weekend, it will get up to a balmy 16 degrees.  I’m just hoping the wind will stay calm.

These are not pretty pictures, but when it’s below zero I don’t really care about pretty!  I wore two pairs of long johns, snowpants, three shirts, a down coat, a winter hat, and my old friend the ski mask.

Day One – Evening feeding – minus 5 degrees (windchill -19 degrees)

Feeding - day one

That’s ice on my eyelashes

Day Two – Morning feeding – Actual temp minus 19 degrees

Feeding - day two

Two pairs of wool socks, down coat hoodie required

Why do I looked shocked in the pictures?  Hilarious.  I can’t believe I’m posting these pictures online.

Keep your fingers crossed for me…the plow wasn’t working this morning and JR left for Gardiner until Friday evening.  Flurries expected all day.  Why do I feel that ditch calling my name?

****UPDATE**** My wonderful husband had to go into Red Lodge before he left for Gardiner.  When he came back past our house, he tried the plow again, it worked, and he plowed our road.  You’re the Best, Terry, the Best!  Ha HA Ditch!