The Wind (12/23/13)

The Wind (12/23/13)

So…..the wind.  Oh my goodness.  Holy moly.  I laid in bed listening to the wind howl and whistle past the house.  I kept repeating my mantra “there are hurricane straps on the house, there are hurricane straps on the house.”  Still, it was hard to sleep.  Gusts were probably around 30mph but sounded more like 60mph.  I reiterate that “gusts” imply that at some point the wind dies down.  Ha!

When we got up in the morning, we were happy the roof was still on the house.  But, we were surprised to see this

Wind - snow balls

That is snow rolled up into balls BY THE WIND.  I did not know this could even happen.

Wind - pasture

Wind - Cemetery

You probably can’t see on the web version, but there is a family cemetery at the top of this hill. A nice place to rest in peace, if you ask me

Something about the snowballs felt oddly, and creepily, familiar…

Wind - C&H

The snowmen are starting to regenerate!!!

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