12/14/2013 The Christmas Tree

12/14/2013 The Christmas Tree

Tree - view

Custer National Forest

We cut down our very own Christmas tree today!  A five dollar permit allows you to cut down one tree in the National Forest area.  We did this quite a bit later than we planned, but the weather wasn’t ideal for the past two weeks.  There were days the temperature didn’t get above zero.  I think JR logged about sixteen hours in the snow plow.  That doesn’t even count the additional six to eight hours he spent coaxing the darn thing to work.  Kudos to JR who earned his Masters in Mechanics and Plow Management this month.

Tree - permit

We went out to the gate on the way to the Lake Fork trailhead. Lots of folks (well four or five) were out there cross-country skiing to the trailhead.

Tree - gate

We hiked around a bit looking for a good tree.  Thankfully (and finally), it was 30 degrees and sunny out and we had our helper.


Tree - Bunny2

Run, Bunny, Run!

Tree - helper

What do you think Scarlett?

We thought this one looked decent – a little thin at the bottom, but good enough for the first tree.

Tree - JR saw

This is it! Getting ready to cut…

Little did we know it was so tall!

Tree - decorated

It certainly didn’t look that tall outside!

We had fun and Scarlett napped the rest of the day.  A good girl and another good day in Montana.  But for the car ride there, Timber would have loved a few hours in the snowy forest.

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