12/12/13 Supplies

12/12/13 Supplies

We went to Billings to go shopping.  Look what I got…


Oooooh, I know you are all jealous of my new snow shovel and tow rope for my car.  It’s not just any tow rope either.  It’s a blaze camo tow rope.  That’s right.  Everyone go put it on your Christmas list right now.  And yes, that is Scarlett’s travel bed (and goose) because she goes everywhere with me now and it’s darn cold.  A girl needs a warm place to cuddle up.

Why, might you ask, did I get a snow shovel and tow rope for my car?  Well, ahem, it certainly, ahem, isn’t because I needed both last week.  It certainly isn’t because I drove myself right into a snow-banked ditch last week.  No siree bob, not me (she says with crossed fingers).  And shoot, until that episode, I was so proud that I had only helped dig other people out of their predicaments.  What is the saying, “pride goeth before a fall?”  I really drove myself in there, too.  In fact, I four-wheel-drived myself right into that ditch.  Let’s just say life lessons were learned the hard way recently.  Actually, let’s just name it “adventure” and call it a day.

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