Timber (7/19/2001 – 11/7/2013)

Timber Hunt – The Best Boy

Timber-Nov 2013

With the heaviest of heavy hearts – there are no words – we had to let Timber go.  Our Good Boy was suffering from heart failure.  We made him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, but it was time for his suffering to end.  It seemed to happen so fast.  I know many of you have gone through this, but this is our first time.  We are thankful to have so many good memories to keep.

Timber sweet brown eyes

For Timber:

The conformation of an English Lab includes:  stoutly built, heads are moderately square without undue length, flat ears, undercoat is dense and highly water repellant, tail is thick, rounded, “otter-like” without feathering.  Timber was all of these things.


The temperament of an English Lab is described as:  quiet natured, extremely loyal, intelligent, impressive willingness to please, calm, quick learner, very gentle, water lover, excellent noses and game-finding instincts, soft mouth, extremely devoted to their owner and family.   Timber was all of these things and so much more.

Timber - hockey stick

To the Best Dog

-who loved carpet where he could get some traction and run and chase

-who loved rugs he could scratch and ball up to his liking

Timber - rug

-who checked on you every time you sneezed

-who had THE BIGGEST paws ever


-who was pliable, in all the best ways

Timber xmas 2

Timber xmas 3

Timber & Rudolph

Timber & Louis!

-who was the most reliable watch dog with the most intimidating bark,

-who stared out the back doors waiting to be let out for his “deck time,”

-who loved to stick his head out of the car window, but just a little ways

Timber - head in window

-who was our honorary Ring Bearer


Timber and Groom

Timber - TheHunts

Jenny Timber

-who would snuggle, if you insisted

Timber - AmandaTimberHug

Timber & JR - snuggle

Timber & Jenny snuggle

Timber & JR - best friends

Timber - scarlett snuggle

-who put his head in your lap until you fed him dinner

Timber - time to eat Dad

-who truly looked at you with the sweetest brown eyes

Tmber shake

-who had the best English labrador block head

Timber - shoes

-who helped raised two puppies with the utmost patience


-who loved to swim and was the fastest, most graceful swimmer (really he was)

Timber - Wild Bill


-who absolutely loved to be dried off (so much so we would “dry” him when he wasn’t even wet)

Timber - Regal at Wild Bill


-who loved to play with little animals

-who still thought he was a little animal

-who had the cutest doggie overbite and yet,

Timber overbite!

-who could eat around the tiniest pill in his bowl of food (but would happily down it with a side of cheese)

-who enjoyed some rib-eye steak and beer on his last night (yes he dined “fancy feast” style)

Timber - Steak

Timber - Beer

-who was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most loyal animal ever put on this earth

Timber - The Best Boy

-who was everyone’s best friend but was JR’s Best Friend most of all.

Timber & JR - best friends 2


Timber’s heart was broken and now our hearts are broken are too.

His name is Timber, Timber, Timber, dark as the night…

His name is Timber, Timber, Timber, bark’s worse than the bite.

Rest well my friend.  You earned it.  Love you always.  Miss you now and forever.

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  1. So sorry to learn of your loss. Timber had a wonderful life and a lot of love from you both. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I’m sending lots of love to you. XXXOOO
    Love, Mom

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