Whoa! (10/24/2013)

Whoa! (10/24/2013)

Wow, time really got away from me there.  We have been B-U-S-Y.  First of all, it took awhile to get out from under all that snow.  We lost power for a few days, we shoveled and shoveled, and shoveled again when the snow finally fell off the roof!  And, it has snowed two more times since then.  To date, we’ve had at least 50 inches of snow.  Let me repeat.  50.  Inches. Of snow.  In October.  I wonder how many inches of snow I saw over the entirety of my time in Georgia – probably not 50 inches in all my years.  I believe we are expected to get another dump Monday/Tuesday, too.  Maybe I can try again with a snowman (after I chain Scarlett to a fixed object)!

In addition to the snow, that horrible place that “pays some of the bills” and starts with a W, ends in a K, with a big ‘ole YUCK in the middle, has been a real pain.  But, I don’t want to talk about that “after hours.”  Let’s just say it has been occupying a lot of my time and brain space.

Then, this week we were preparing for the Chamber of Commerce Halloween party to help get Red Lodge Tech some visibility in town.  JR made up some really great flyers and advertising materials and I was on “décor and treats” duty.  We continue to make a pretty good team, if I do say so myself.  Here’s our table setup:



RIP Cupcakes:


So…this was a Halloween party and we did dress up, but you’ll have to wait for real Halloween to see some pictures.  In the meantime, another “trying to take a sweet picture of Timmy and Scarlett” picture:

Bunny Shadow

Yeah, that worked really well.  Thanks for trying, Timber!

Okay, Irelands – this is for you:


Oh, yeah – I didn’t just CARVE them, I PAINTED them.

Show me what ‘cha got!


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