Snow! (10/3/2013)

I felt like a kid last night – I kept waking up to see if it had snowed yet.  It’s like I was waiting for the AM radio station to call out my school’s name as “closed for the day!”  Remember how great that felt!

Well, it did snow.  And, the snow was of the “heavy, wet” kind which we don’t often get.  So….

Okay, right here was supposed to be a picture of a really big, fully decked out in all the gear, snowman.  Seriously, we got a ton of packable, snowman building material.  I mean we have drifts of a least a foot.  Why is there no snowman then?  Because a crazy, yellow dog that shall remain unnamed kept digging away at my snow body!  Every time I turned my back to get more snow, that idiot started going to town digging at the ball of snow I had made.  I finally had to give up and wait until JR got home.  I chased her around, tried to bury her in snow, and let her dig me out of the snow (I think she was built to be a search and rescue dog).  Once JR arrived, he occupied her by throwing snowballs at her at which time I started making a less ambitious snow dog.  After an hour of constant playtime, look how nuts this dog still was (video).  She is Seven.  Complete Nut Job.  I guess she doesn’t mind the snow too much.  And poor Timber.  Do you feel his pain?  He wants nothing to do with rough-housing anymore!

Did you notice me being overly-protective of the snow dog?  I was tired of having my works of “art” destroyed!  Snow dog completed, or at least as good as I cared to make it, we went in.  I was soaked from head to toe.  I haven’t had that much fun playing in the snow in years.  Fun, fun, fun.




S+Snow puppy

I thought the snow dog was Timber-sized until Fatty sat down next to it. Or rather, almost sat ON it and nearly crushed it to death.

Next?  The perfect snow day snack – I made some sweet cinnamon scones – a tasty treat with a warm cup of coffee.

I thought I wasn’t ready for the snow yet, but I guess I am!  Cue the music…IIIIIII’m dreaming of a whiiiiiiite Columbus Day.  Hee hee (lyric credit to Sean who is, quite obviously, not ready for snow yet).  Love ya Big Bro!



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