My New Favorite Picture (9/29/2013)

My New Favorite Picture (9/29/2013)

I took what I think is my new favorite picture:

Bunny & JR

It would only have been made better had Timber been in there too.  But, he was relaxing in the shade after a “w” through the tall pasture grass.

In order to get one “good” picture like that one, take a look at what we go through.


Upside down



It’s luck that we ever get anything good!

We had a nice weekend:  UGA beat LSU, the Braves are officially in the postseason, and we enjoyed dinner with four entertaining couples.  Aside from the meat, we ate nearly entirely from Hub & Kate’s garden:  tomatoes for tomato salad, Yukon gold potatoes for potato gratin, cabbage for cole slaw, and apples for apple crisp.  Yum!  JR and I were inspired and are considering a small garden next summer.

The gardeners in the group were talking about making their final harvests as we already got our first snow of the year.


It looks like a frozen tundra, but it was gone the next day

Do you know what the first snow means?  It means ice cream sundaes at Regis!  We didn’t go (haven’t worked out enough this week), but what a nice idea.  This weekend we’ll be going to a Wisconsin-style fish fry!  As always, we are already looking forward to the next weekend.

Tim & Bunny

Until then, I have a few more days of feeding left.  I think the horses are missing their owners.  Look at this video of Walker picking on Boomer.

I’m not sure what it is Boomer does to annoy the girls, but it’s definitely something.  I know why he annoys me – Boomer gave me quite a “bump” from behind the other day.  One minute I was on my feet spreading hay, and the next I was leaping forward and doing good to stay on my feet.  Sheesh, Boomer.  I thought we were buds.

I’m ready for the neighbors to get back, too.  The worrying is messing with my sleep!  We had wind gusts of 60 mph last night, and all I kept thinking was, are the horses all right?  Is the temperature dropping?  Did I give them enough hay for dinner?  What if something happens to them?  Not on my watch, please!

Well, we were hoping to get the kayak back in the water today, but with the continuing wind gusts, it didn’t seem like ideal conditions!  Instead, we chased lounge chairs as the wind blew them the length of the deck.  It looks like neoprene pants may be in order for any more kayaking this year.  Good thing I skipped that ice cream sundae!

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  1. JR just told me about your blog yesterday. I love it! I’ll keep checking it out to see what’s happening in your neck of the woods! Keep feedin them horses….but watch your back! XO

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