Rafting the Stillwater River (7/29/13)

JR and I went rafting on Sunday (7/29) with Adventure Whitewater.  Though it was raining on the way to Absorkee, it turned into a beautiful day.  We had a nice two hour float with Joby, who guided the Ireland crew during their visit.  The water was quite a bit lower than just a few weeks ago, and not nearly as exciting.  Only a few weeks left for rafting this summer.   I’m hoping to get out on the water a few more times at least.  Of course, I didn’t take my camera or phone so I missed a photo opportunity – horses were at the shoreline drinking from the Stillwater River as we floated past.  Very pretty.

It looks like we will have to put a Tagg Tracker on Timber.  He’s getting anxious about storms and has taken to wandering more and more.  Scarlett’s Tagg works great and it will give me peace of mind, especially at night, to know Timber is GPS trackable as well.  Timber is just a little difficult to spot at night!

Scarlett is doing better – limping with activity, but it’s hard to keep that girl still.

We’ve had some great sunsets this year.


Sunset cows

I’ll close this one out with a few dog pics because they are so cute.

JR+Scarlett convo

What do I think? I don’t know. What do you think?

Scarlett March

Can we please go for a walk?

Timber & Goose

Scarlett doesn’t know I have the goose.