Let’s Catch Up (Vol 1)

Thanks to JR for getting this page up and running!  A quick (or not so quick) catch-up to date:

November 2012 – Thanksgiving in Memphis with Elvis, Eddie, and Sun Studio!

On a whim, we got tickets for the Eddie Vedder show at The Orpheum in Memphis, TN.  We made the most of our short trip and fit in sightseeing at Graceland and Sun Studio, a night out on Beale, and some really good eats at Central BBQ.  We stayed at the Peabody Hotel (the one with the duck parade) and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  We gave thanks for Elvis, Eddie, and rock ‘n roll!


Elvis & JR


Ducks in the Peabody fountain

JR’s 1st plate of Thanksgiving dinner



Graceland decorated for Christmas

Orpheum Theatre


Beale Street


Sun Studio

Sun Studio

Graceland at Christmas

Graceland at Christmas


It’s a trip outside of Montana! This never happens! I’m calling it a date!

December 2012 brought us an invitation to an Ugly Christmas sweater party (Thanks Alex!)


Wow! That is hideous!

March 2013 – The Final Move!

We moved the rest of our belongings to Montana.  Another cross country trip with the dogs.


Don’t you just love dog-friendly hotels?  No, not really.

The weather was fine until we crossed the Montana state line.  Check out the video of what we drove through.

Did you see the sign?  Welcome to Montana!

This is what the umpteenth cross country drive does to a person –

JR Uhaul

Squid slayer

April 2013 – Snow, seriously, lots of it

It snowed.

Snow 2

Look at The Boy!

It snowed.

Timmy snow1

And it snowed some more.  And before anyone else asks, yes, I am ready for a full Montana winter!

Snowed again

JR had some low country boil at our favorite spot, Regis.  Really, what can you say about that bib?

JR Crab

Scarlett and Timber love their new digs and the freedom of exploration (now that they have the dog door figured out!).  Scarlett has collected a good portion of a cow skeleton at this point.  I have no idea where she is finding this stuff.  We need to put a camera on her.

Scarlett bone

The rest is to be continued…