We Have a Gate (5-31-15)

We Have a Gate (5-31-15)

It’s been on our list for awhile now, but we finally got it done!  On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, JR and I put up our gate across the driveway!  We got the supplies on our trip to Billings last weekend.  We combined a supply run with date night and saw “Mad Max.”  That’s another story all together.  Not my cup of tea.  Anyway…

During the week JR and our neighbor used a tractor and auger to get the post holes dug.  On Saturday, JR and I “Quikreted” them in, and Sunday we put up the gates.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

On Duty (1280x720)

Supervisor on duty

Proof Jenny pitched in (1280x720)

Proof I did some manual labor in addition to being the “tool fetcher”

Scarlett1 (1280x720)

Oh, looks like Supervisor #2 is ready for her break!

Scarlett2 (1280x720)

Uh-oh. Hope we can do this right without her help! Looking sleepy!

Scarlett3 (1280x720)

And, she’s out.

JR and Supervisor (1280x720)

She’s still asleep on the jobsite.  JR’s looking happy – look how even those suckers are!

Job Well Done (1280x720)

Ta-da!  Try it now cows!

Finished Gate (1280x720)


Gotta tell ‘ya, I’m about ready to padlock those things shut full time.  I’m a little tired of dealing with some of the “small town” antics lately.  Funniest thing though…while we were working on the gate, a truck unknown to us came up the road.  As the truck drove past us, JR noticed the vehicle had Cobb County, GA plates!  “No way,” we said.  As the guy drove back out, he pulled in to have a chat.  I told him we used to live in DeKalb County and he made me repeat it!  The driver, Stan, also had two labbies in the back – a black and a yellow – so Scarlett got to meet them as well.  I wonder if they smelled like home.

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