Just in Case You Were Wondering…(June 2015)

Just in Case You Were Wondering…(June 2015)

Just in case you were wondering, we don’t let Scarlett drive.  The local pharmacy seems to be concerned about it:

Pill bottle

Scarlett has been on these pills since her surgery back in February.  I just noticed the pill bottle says “May cause drowsiness.  Alcohol may intensify this effect.  Use care when operating a vehicle.”  I promise Red Lodge Drug, we only let her drive on our road, and we don’t let her drink (much).  Just the last few drops of a beer now and then.  Hee hee!  Also, I love going to the pharmacy to pick up meds for the dog.  I always say, “picking up for my dog Scarlett.”  I’m not the one with “gastric outflow” issues!  Let’s be clear on that one.  Speaking of Scarlett’s surgery, her tush fur refuses to grow back.

Tushy fur

I keep telling Scarlett to try harder to grow fur there because she just looks silly.  And, people think she’s still sick, and she most certainly is not still sick.  Pretty soon we’re going to have to start putting sunscreen on her booty.  File this under, “Things I Never Thought I Would Have to Do When I Got a Dog.”  Item # 3,004.  Good thing we are best buds.


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  1. Her bald patch is cute, though. Maybe she’s doing it on purpose? Keeping all the attention? Sweet girl. 🙂

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