Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (3-17-2015)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (3-17-2015)

Scarlett bandana

Happy St. Patrick’s Day y’all!

Scarlett bandana 2

Wait…what is St. Patrick’s Day again?

Ah, adventures in picture-taking with Scarlett.

A couple interesting things have happened around here.  Winter Carnival was last weekend.  Red Lodge was taken over by out-of-towners.  We went to town Saturday night for dinner and did not recognize one person!  Great for the local economy but sheesh!  Give us our town back!  JR and I went up the mountain to see the Torch parade and fireworks.  Let’s just say it was no Winter Park Ski Down.  Still fun though.

As evidenced above, Scarlett is feeling much, much better.  She has that goofy playful spirit back.  Her tail seems to be in working condition again.  She’s kept all her food down for two weeks.  That’s a WIN for certain.  And, we are back to our afternoon walks, making them longer and longer. Every afternoon I tell her it’s time for her to walk me.  Because I need my exercise.

All that exercise has me sleeping like a baby.  Except for when I get woken up abruptly.  Early one morning last week (5:30am), while JR was in Gardiner, I was mid-dream.  In my dream, which was weird enough on its own, I heard a coyote howling twice.  Even in this dream, the coyote was completely out of place.  The third howl had me wide awake and scrambling to make sure Scarlett was inside and not planning on investigating.  We don’t need her getting mauled just after getting her recovered!

That dream…it was a doozy.  Before I was so rudely awakened, I was just sitting down to lunch with Sarah Jessica Parker…at a laundromat, no less.  Fanciest dang laundromat I’ve ever seen.  I was about to order a delicious rib eye steak and salad.  Mmmm…maybe this has something to do with having spent all of the prior evening cleaning house and mopping floors and eating nothing but salad and eggs all week.  Yes, a steak does sound quite good right now.  Anyway, I kept searching and searching for an empty washer and then I couldn’t find where I put my laundry.  I spotted SJP and wondered what the heck she was doing there (my guess is not doing laundry) and she asked me to join her.  Well…okay.  We started having a wonderful conversation and then…coyote.  So weird.  Someone reading this can probably interpret and I’ll be very embarrassed that I shared.  It is what it is though.

So, what is everyone doing for St. Paddy’s Day?  We are headed to town for a parade (this town does love a parade) and the Wearing ‘O The Green.  Maybe I’ll see SJP and we can have a nice steak dinner together and finish that conversation.

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  1. I’m no dream whisperer, but wow!

    We stayed away from Savannah (though I’d like to do that one day. Maybe when Zack’s a bit older) and celebrated a beautiful, warm day in the south. We spent the day taking pictures of all the electrical before they spray insulation. Then, we decided to live dangerously and grab a six pack on the way home. 🙂

    I’m so, so glad Miss Scarlett is feeling better!

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