Swimming! (3-2-15)

Swimming! (3-2-15)

Looky what I found in town:

Rock Creek pool

Woo hoo!  Thanks to a heads-up from my PT, I went swimming yesterday!  I had looked at all the other hotel pools in town, but they were about three strokes long and not meant for lap swimming.  Rock Creek Resort is a bit out of town, but well worth it.  I was the only person there at almost 5pm!  And, I get to look outside at beautiful snow-covered trees.

So, at first, I thought, “Gee, why can’t I swim anymore?”  I wasn’t swimming, I was thrashing about!  But, I got my head on right and tried to focus on form, as best I can.  I swam for about forty minutes and since no one was there at the end of my workout, I decided to horse around.  Handstands, mermaid swimming, etc.  Yes, I am a fool.  Needless to say I was grinning the whole time!

Now, if I could convince them to let Scarlett come swim with me!  We would be two happy girls.

Oh, and Mom…I went outside with a wet head in winter! 🙂

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  1. It looks like a really nice pool. I’m glad you found one that doesn’t seem
    to be crowded at all. Just don’t come crying to me when you catch
    pneumonia! I’ve told you and told you! HA-HA!

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