Home Gym (Jan 2015)

Home Gym (Jan 2015)

Since we got to Montana, we’ve accumulated bits and pieces of workout equipment, dumbells, therapy bands, etc.  It was piling up and piling up in the basement and I had had it!  I searched and searched for some inexpensive way to get organized and I finally found it.  Lowe’s had some “tower shelf” units meant for a closet.  There were really easy to put together (me) and hang (JR).  Check out the before-and-afters.  It’s a small room and somewhat hard to take pictures.  But, it’s much nicer to work out down there now!


Weight plates and dumbbells everywhere = stubbed toes!  No room for floor work!


Wasted space!



Weight rack on sale at Christmas time – yea!


Shelves! Floor space! No more stubbed toes!

I still want to get a few wall mirrors, but I can only find them at the Bozeman Home Depot.  Neither of us really wants to drive 2 1/2 hours for what amount to bathroom mirrors.  Some day!  So…I guess I should go get in there now…

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  1. I like the tower shelves. That’s a neat idea. Of course, I love the sign on the left shelf 😉

    I’m planning on doing a mirrored wall in our new space, but in our basement gym in ATL, I literally had a $5 Wal-mart door mirror on the wall, and it worked just fine. Probably not the look you’re going for, but it served it’s purpose quite well.

  2. The home gym is a great idea and looks good. I just watched the video on trimming the horse’s foot…very interesting. I look forward to our next visit and meeting you newest family member!

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