Flashback (Fall 2014)

Flashback (Fall 2014)

I was looking through pictures on my phone to try and distract me on the day of Scarlett’s surgery.  That didn’t really help since 90% of my pictures are of Scarlett!  But, I saw some we haven’t shared.  This was right before our first snow of the winter.  It was a beautiful day and Scarlett enjoyed playtime with her “fun parent.”



The weather turned quickly.  When we got home, we saw more loose bulls and had to put up our makeshift gate.




For some reason, I am really excited to get a real gate this Spring.  I want it to be red.  Or green.  Maybe just easy to open and close.  It makes me think of our Atlanta driveway and how we hated the constant flow of people turning around in our driveway.  Who knew we would go from wanting to keep out people to wanting to keep out bulls!