The Not-So-Patient Patient (2-19-2015)

The Not-So-Patient Patient (2-19-2015)

I brought Scarlett home Thursday night.  This is how messed up my brain has been:  I was supposed to pick her up at 5:30.  It takes an absolute maximum of 1.5 hours to get to Billings on a blue sky day like yesterday.  I left our house at 3pm.  Do the math…  I was just north of Roberts thinking, “okay, I’ll be in Billings at…wait, what?”  Geeez…  Of course, just that afternoon I had taken my Kindle out of my purse.  Fortunately, I found a Wendy’s where I could satisfy my fast food craving.  🙂  Yum.  Well, yum at first.  Then, as usual, I felt gross for having eaten it.  Anyway…

Our not-so-patient patient does not have to endure the cone of shame.  Unless she starts messing with her wound, we do not have to keep her in the dreaded cone.  Oh, the cone.  Timber wore a cone numerous times due to hot spots in his neck “curtains.”  That boy’s head and neck were so big he wore the largest size cone available.  He would run into into things and freeze.  One morning (in Atlanta), I left him in the kitchen when I went to work.  When I came home for lunch, he was laying down right where I left him.  I felt so bad!  I bent the cone shape inward so he could get through the doorway and into his bed.  Good times.

So, I feel like we spent a lot of money and actually accomplished very little.  We know what the problem is, but not what caused it.  We still have a few days before the biopsy information comes back.  Assuming that is fine, the vet offered to refer us to a specialist to do more surgery to try and expand the valve or attach it in a different way or something (!).  At that point, I was on information and bill-shock overload, so I didn’t catch all of that.  If Scarlett truly requires more surgery, I’m going to need my own prescription!

To manage this condition, I am now feeding Scarlett half a can of wet food (yuck) every two hours.  Sigh.  The baby I never had.  On top of that, she is still on the very expensive anti-nausea med and two human antacids.  The vet said I could “experiment” and take her off the anti-nausea med for a day and see what happens.  Experiment?  Why didn’t they experiment at the vet?!  I can’t take being on constant vomit-watch.  My nerves have had it.  I am just waiting for the mother of all migraines to hit.

At least I am happy to report Scarlett enjoys her wet dog food.  Someone else (me) doesn’t.  Blech.  Scarlett now has her very own section of our fridge, her very own can opener, and her very own “dog food” spoon.  If you come and visit and are mean to Scarlett, you get to eat with this spoon 🙂  Otherwise, it does not come in contact with the rest of the flatware!

Okay, time for some pictures.  They brought my poor baby out to me and I thought, “Now why did you have to go and shave her fuzzy little tush?!”

Shaved Tush

IV spots, I’m guessing:

Shaved Wrists

Gore alert.  Avert your eyes if you are squeamish:

Tummy Wound

If anyone has any advice or thoughts they want to throw out there, we are open to hearing it all.  We just want to do right by our best little girly.