Walker is Officially a “Hunt” (1-28-15)

Walker is Officially a “Hunt” (1-28-15)

Paperwork has been signed and Walker is officially a “Hunt!”  I never knew this, but her registered name is “Satins Moon Walker.”  How pretty.  Just between us, I think I may have to start calling her Satin.  Walker’s birthday is June 10th.  We will be celebrating this year!

Our neighbor went to Billings and picked up a few grooming things for me.  I got my bucket for storing all things “horse.”  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to go buy a bucket!  I was dying to tell the clerk, “This is for my horse’s things!  Because I have a horse!”  I’m sure she would have been like, “okaaaaaay.”

Horse supplies

How funny that Conair makes horse grooming products!

Walker’s mother’s name is Taffey’s Ruffles.  Hee hee.  Some of the other members of her line are:

The Super Shaker

Lady’s Morning Glory

Montana Copper

Golden Taffy

Norris Moonbeam

Teton Rambler

How lucky to get to name a horse.  I am happy to be the steward of Satin’s, er, Walker’s remaining years.

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  1. This is so funny. I can just see you telling the clerk, “This is for my horse!” Too cute. Actually, considering Walker’s mother’s name, her name should be Satin Ruffles! Congratulations Satin, and welcome to the family!

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