Solar Internet Repeater (Jan 2015)

Solar Internet Repeater (Jan 2015)

JR is finishing up work on a months-long project installing a solar internet repeater on a ranch that, until now, had no internet access (other than cellular).   Getting out to the site was quite a feat that required use of a snowcat this time of year:

WP_20150115_12_53_38_Pro (1280x720)

All loaded up!  Look at all that stuff!

WP_20150115_13_48_12_Pro (1280x720)

Had to cross some nordic trails

WP_20150115_16_28_13_Pro (1280x720)

JR put in the pole several months ago, before the ground was frozen…then began the wait for all the equipment to arrive.

WP_20150115_16_28_50_Pro (1280x720)

Ta-daa!  Luckily it was a low-wind day!

It took another trip out on a snowmobile to get the dishes aimed properly and radios operating.  It’s hard to get everything done in a day when you are waiting for a no or low wind day, and it gets dark by 5pm!


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