First Appearance of the Big Green Monster (1-8-2015)

First Appearance of the Big Green Monster (1-8-2015)

The Big Green Monster is, of course, my massive down coat made “famous” in posts from last winter.  I can’t believe I just got her out today!  Toasty…

I went to physical therapy Thursday afternoon.  It was AWESOME.  I RAN.  I was fast.  Okay, maybe not fast fast, but it felt good.  Makes me think of Talladega Nights:

Ricky Bobby: I’m going fast again!

Cal Naughton, Jr.: How fast is he going?

Lucius Washington: 26 miles per hour.

I can’t believe I can’t find that on You Tube.  Anyway…

It had been snowing since early morning but had not accumulated too much.  I can deal with that.  On the way back home, I had to run what I call the “Freckles Gauntlet.”  When our neighbors are gone, their dog Freckles puts himself on his own little neighborhood watch.


Yes, he looks calm now. Calm before the storm, so to speak.

He gets a little too into it and has been run over at least once.  So, we have to pull up to the neighbor’s drive and tell Freckles, “NO Freckles, GO HOME Freckles!” until he gives up.  It feels mean to be yelling at a dog named Freckles!  So, I ran the Freckles Gauntlet, turned into our drive, which had accumulated noticeably more snow since I left, and saw more broken snow fence.

Broken Snow Fence


Soooo….this is going to happen all winter?  I see I see.  Well, still better than the alternative.  I would have driven right into the ditch today if not for the fence and road markers.  YEA snow fence and road markers!  Let me tell you, last year there would have been no stopping to take a picture.  That is for certain.

I got home and had my own crazy dog to deal with.  I bundled up in the aforementioned Big Green Monster and headed out.

Big Green

The face of post-workout endorphins!

At first it seemed like overkill, but pretty soon I was glad to have it.  At the top of the road, Scarlett and I just stopped and listened to the silence.  All I heard was snowflakes hitting my coat.  So peaceful.  But then I had to turn around and walk back with Miss Looney Tunes.

Looney Tunes

Shake and Bake Mama, Shake and Bake!



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