Introducing…Miss Walker! (Jan 2015)

Introducing…Miss Walker! (Jan 2015)

We are horse owners!  I know, we are as shocked as all of you.  Our wonderful, kind neighbors have four horses.  One of them, Walker, is a tried and true trail horse.  I’ve ridden her myself a few times.

IMG_0232 (1280x960)

August 2007 – there’s a good reason I look so timid in this picture. First time back on a horse post-surgery.

DSC_0031 (1280x850)

July 2012 – Smoke, Misty, and Walker (left to right)

But, Walker is older and a bit slower than the horses our neighbors, as accomplished riders, like to use on a regular basis.  So, Walker doesn’t get all the exercise she needs.  Because of that, our neighbors were trying to find Walker a home where she will get the attention she needs.  They gave us right of first refusal, and after thinking long and hard and considering the work required and costs of maintaining a horse, we decided we couldn’t refuse!  It works out well for all of us.  Our neighbors are right next door to help with all our questions and issues as they arise, as well as training.  Walker is still with her other “girlfriends” and will be around when Piper gives birth this Spring.  And, if the neighbors have any visiting kids or Wounded Warriors that want to ride, Walker is still available.  Seems like a win-win.


May 2012

I guess we have a few new Spring projects now!  We need to get the fence opened up and a few gates put in so Walker can come over to our pasture.  We’ll need some good weed spraying as well.  In the meantime, we can ride Walker in the corral next door and train with her.  As soon as its Spring she’ll get shoes and off we go!  To lessons, that is!  Ha ha.  I can’t wait to get off work, saddle up Walker, and head for a ride up the road.  Our neighbors have permission from the Ellis family (cattle country all around us) to ride all over their property.  Looks like I need to speak with an Ellis soon to make sure those rights go with the horse!  I can literally ride off into the sunset all Spring and Summer long!


Ground games, Jan 2015

Now, if we could just get Scarlett on board with the new member of the family…

Giddy Up Miss Walker!  Time to Cowgirl Up Miss Jenny!  Hop along Miss Scarlett!  WOO HOO!

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