Snow Fence repair (12-29-14)

Snow Fence repair (12-29-14)

Well, what did that take, a week before the dang fence broke?

Monday after vacation was tough.  We fought with the internet and varying forms of technology; catching up on work and dealing with the idiots at work took up the rest of the work day.  I was very happy to pick up the “puker” from the vet.  Side story:  We didn’t leave Scarlett’s “brake-fast” bowl with her at boarding.


Brake-fast bowl, hardy har

This means she ate out of a regular dog bowl, which she hasn’t done since she was a puppy, so she swallowed each meal whole and then proceeded to puke it up each time.  This also means she’s a smelly mess.  Lovely.  We took her over to the dog wash and it was closed.  We called the groomer, but they don’t bathe dogs as big as Scarlett anymore (?!?!). Okay, I call Uncle.  Let’s go home.  Oh, yeah, we also had to stop and buy a new snow shovel since our’s broke from the weight of the snow.  Yes, that’s right.  A snow shovel broke shoveling snow.  Montana y’all.

Snow fence repair (1280x960)

The webcam took this picture. Oooh, from a distance I look thin!

It was after 4pm and getting dark fast so we figured we better get a Scarlett walk done and fix the snow fence while we could.  Holy mackerel.  We had to trudge through two feet of snow to get to the fence, kick two feet of snow out of the way of the fence, and try and fasten it back while wearing gloves because the wind chill was -20 degrees.  Gloves made the job impossible and genius that I am, I wore mittens.  Mittens!  Even worse.  We took those off, fastened as fast as our fingers would work, and walked back to the house F-A-S-T.  We were frozen.  Even Scarlett was happy to go inside.

Stay put fence!