Snow Fence (12-13-14)

Snow Fence (12-13-14)

We finally did it.  We have road markers and snow fence.  Whew!

Friday after work, in the short hour before it gets dark, JR and I put in the road markers.  25 or so of them covering all the curves in the road.  Supervisor #2 “helped.”

Road marker helper (960x1280)

What are we doing out here? It’s almost my dinner time!

I don’t know how she can just lie there in the snow.  Brrr!

Saturday morning, we got right back to it because snow was on its way.

The Supervisor joined us again.

Snow fence helper (960x1280)

Is it right? Is it right? Are you sure its right?

Helper #2 (1280x960)

Are you measuring right? 40 feet, right? Don’t make me come over there.

Thank goodness – I don’t know how we could have done it without her.

We installed 250 feet of snow fence.  It felt like 250 yards of snow fence.  We probably need another 100 feet or so of it.  But, the very worst parts of the road are done.  Now, it better help!  Especially since I set my recovery back a week by doing all that activity.  Just when I put that cane away…

During the installation, JR was at the truck gathering more fence posts.  I was walking that way to get more fence and JR says (very calmly I might add), “There’s a mouse right next to you.”  WHAT?!  AHHHH!  I said, “What?!  Where?!”  He said, “Right there, in the tall grass.”  I said, “Right WHERE?!  Tall grass is everywhere.”  I was thinking, “Why am I the only one freaked out by this?”  I never did see the dang thing.  The “helper” sure wasn’t too excited about tracking it down, either.  I can’t say anything bad about Scarlett, though.  Over the past few weeks, she has tracked down two mice and “removed them” from the garage.  She is earning her keep for certain!

Helper #3 (1280x960)

I bet there’s a mouse around here somewhere.  Hmmm…

A small amount of snow fell Saturday night / Sunday morning totaling maybe 3 inches.  I had to go to town on Monday and I was so glad to have the road markers.  They certainly make life easier.  I only have to worry how deep the snow may be and the possibility of drifting of snow on the road, not where the road may be!

Snow fence (1280x960)

Fini (1280x960)

Road markers! Snow fence!

I am still taking a different strategy this year.  Unless I absolutely, positively, 100% have to leave the house, I won’t leave the house!  That way, I can’t get stuck anywhere.  Smart, huh?


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