The Aftermath (10-10-14)

The Aftermath (10-10-14)

First of all, we want to thank everyone for all of the well wishes we received.  It was very thoughtful of all of you!  It made us feel very loved to read texts, emails, and blog comments through the evening and next day.  We love you guys!

Here’s how the celebration went:

Several things went wrong in my anniversary plans for JR.  First, I set the anniversary post to, well, post at 6pm local time.  By this time we would be at the restaurant, could order, and then I could show him the post.  I knew he would have the ipad with him, but it turned out that the device was completely dead.  We set it up to charge, so that had to wait.

JR made reservations for us at the Edgar Bar for dinner.  We didn’t really think reservations were necessary (it’s Edgar, Montana, a Thursday night, shoulder season…).  As it turned out, the place was packed and we were glad to have planned ahead!

Edgar MT

Edgar MT 2


As JR said, “A night out on the town is a little different these days!”  No kidding!  The food at The Edgar is my favorite in the Red Lodge to Billings area.  The last time we went, you could get hash browns with your steak.  Oh, how we had been dreaming of that for months!  We were a little disappointed to find out they don’t do that anymore.  But, the steak was still absolutely delish.  Great dinner!  My steak was huge, so we asked for a doggie bag (hellooooo steak and eggs Saturday morning!).  She brought us this:

People Bag

Never seen a People Bag before.  Hardy har, Edgar Bar.

After dinner, we headed the 45 minutes or so back to Red Lodge for an after-dinner cocktail at The Bull ‘n Bear Saloon.  We chose that place because we figured we wouldn’t see anyone we knew!  While there, some guy FILLED the jukebox with heavy metal selections.  Groan.  I don’t mind going down memory lane a little with some good metal, but a little goes a long way (Motley Crue, yes.  Metallica, a little.  Pantera, no).  So, picture JR and me trying to have a cocktail and enjoy our evening out.  Now, JR certainly doesn’t mind the heavy metal (Judas Priest, yes please!).  While he was enjoying the music, I realized we hadn’t taken a picture of us yet.  I actually had on a dress, makeup, the whole deal, and I really wanted this documented.  It doesn’t happen often!  But, the Bull ‘n Bear…not quite what I was hoping for!  Imagine, seven or eight songs into the heavy metal jam, I try to get a nice picture of me and JR.  This is what I got:

Crazy People

He refused to stop making that face, and here I am still trying to look normal and not laugh!  As JR’s Grandma would say, “Oh heavenly days!”

That’s okay, though.  Do you know what my sweet husband did for me?  He did his very best to have my bridal bouquet recreated!


This picture does not do justice to the beauty of the arrangement. It’s gorgeous in person!

No calla lilies were available, but geez, the guy remembered there were calla lilies in my wedding bouquet!  He’s a keeper!




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  1. What beautiful flowers! Sorry about the heavy metal. Sounds like
    you had fun anyway. Most of all, congratulations on 10 years and
    may you have many, many more.

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