Our So-Called Pond (9-16-14)

Our So-Called Pond (9-16-14)

The bulls…we are so tired of them.  They keep edging closer and closer to the busted fence line.  We are on constant bull watch.  There are three that are just itching to get across.  One day, JR and I watched them linger all day long until we decided to go shoo them away and examine the fence line for ourselves.

The pond that was full enough for JR to threaten to cannonball into this Spring is now empty.  Dry as a bone.  So dry that JR walked right through it to go check out the bulls.

JR in pond (1280x721)

JR in the pond

Me, being the smart person that I am, realized I am way too slow to outrun those bulls (an unlikely need, but better safe than sorry I say).  I stayed behind with Scarlett.  JR shooed them off, checked out the fence line, and came back with a big ‘ole cow bone.

Scarlett and bone (1280x721)

Tasty! Thanks, Pops!

Somebody enjoyed it.  For about five minutes.  Then we took it away from The Toothless Wonder.  There is more money in that dog’s mouth than mine and JR’s put together.  We are done paying for doggy dental work!