Bull (9-14-14)

Bull (9-14-14)

The Ellis bulls have been getting through the fence behind the property next door to us.  Apparently, they (the bulls, not the Ellis’) walk all the way up the twenty acre parcel and go wherever they darn well please.  Well, a few Sundays ago, JR and our neighbor were out trimming the willow trees at the dip in the road.  The recent snow made the limbs sag and visibility was nil going down in the hill.  Dangerous.  So, while they were doing that, I was cleaning house.  It had been a long while and I was getting worried about JR (and the neighbor) since JR had worked well past lunch.  I called JR to check and he said, “I’d like to come have lunch, but I have to come get the bull out of our front yard.  Haven’t you noticed there’s a bull in the front yard?”  I paused and remembered he hadn’t eaten.  I was instructed to go out and make sure the bull doesn’t get on the sod.  Huh?  Do I speak “bull?”  I don’t know what that guy is going to do!  I snuck out the garage door to get a picture (very helpful, I know):

Bull (1280x721)

I forgot about the Supervisor who ran right out behind me and barked at the bull.  I shooed Scarlett back in the garage and locked her in.  Meanwhile, the bull took off to where the camper is parked.  I heard our neighbor coming around the house on his four wheeler.

Hank and bull (1280x721)


Our neighbor (on the four wheeler) is a true animal person.  He eased that bull towards the front of our property.  JR was waiting on the other side of the fence, waiting to coax the bull along as well.

JR and bull (1280x721)

JR is on the far right, just to the left of the house

But, the bull was getting anxious and we were all worried he was going to try and go through the neighbor’s fence and into the horse pasture.  JR did this:

JR and bull2 (1280x721)

Hee hee. I love this picture.

Oh my goodness.  It thought, “That bull is either going to charge JR or take off.”  Luckily that bull took off.  He was so fast!  He cut back across our property and our neighbor gave chase.

After another hour or so, they got the bull back where he belonged.  If it was up to me, I would have called the owners!  Between you and me, I think the boys wanted to herd some cattle.

Later that evening, I had to set something straight with JR.  I said, “Remember when you asked me, incredulously, how I missed the bull in the front yard?  Well, just so you know, I wasn’t sitting around watching soaps and eating BonBons on the couch.  I was on my hands and knees dusting all the base boards in the house (martyr alert!).  That’s why I didn’t see the bull.”  While I was speaking, I could tell by the look on JR’s face that he completely expected this tirade!  He knows me so well.  I think he would rather have gone to herd more cattle!


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