Seriously? (9-11-2014)

Seriously? (9-11-2014)

We went to bed last night with the threat of snow.  Being from the South, I never believe it’s going to happen, at least not when it is still September and has been well into the sixties.  I guess I better become a believer. We went to bed with a dusting at 9:30pm (yes, we went to bed at 9:30pm, don’t laugh).  I begrudgingly pulled out an extra blanket when I saw this:

Snow - evening (721x1280)

Stop, stop, stop!

The cows were, well, I guess you could say they were mooing, but it was more of a desperate moo-yell for help.  And, it was loud.  And high-pitched.  If it was feasible to put a few cows in the heated garage, I would have.  JR didn’t think that was a great idea.  He asked me if I worried about the mice.  Well, I don’t wish them evil, but I don’t really care what happens to them.  If the frost/snow slows them down a bit so as to be more easily caught by our resident prairie falcons, I don’t really have a problem with that.  Smart-aleck 🙂   I did think we would be woken up with a cow in the backyard.  I guess our fence line is holding up, though there have been a few cows sneak through the fence around the property next door.  Poor cows.

I got up to this:

Snow - am (1280x721)

Snow - deck (1280x721)

Noooooooo!!!!!!!  All the poor new trees and landscaping (I know I still owe an update post on the landscaping stuff).  Sniff, sniff.  Hang in there guys!

Exactly one year ago, I took the afternoon off to go boating at Cooney Lake!  In shorts!  And short-sleeves!

The forecast was for 1-3 inches last night and another inch and a half today.  Seventies by mid-next-week, thank goodness!

There is not one sign of melting yet.  C’mon sun!  I refuse to get my snow pants out until October!

**UPDATE**  10:30am  JR just spent an hour brushing the heavy wet snow off all the new trees and bushes.  Thanks honey!

**UPDATE**  12:15PM  Still snowing…

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  1. Noooo! I hope your new plants and trees survive!

    Maybe I can send some virtual heat from south GA, where it is 97 today. Xoxoxo.

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