No, No, No (8-24-14)

No, No, No (8-24-14)

It rained steadily from Thursday evening through early Sunday morning.  It was “socked in” so much that we didn’t see the mountains until Sunday morning when we rose and saw this:




Snow!  Holy moly.  On Wednesday, there was no snow at all up there.  It got down to the mid-forties at our house.  You can see the distinct line where it dropped below freezing up in the higher elevations!

I’ve never been here for so much steady rain.  Snow, yes.  Rain, no.  I hope this isn’t an omen for another record winter!  JR and I have a bunch of projects going, but “snow fence” is quickly moving to the top!

One comment on “No, No, No (8-24-14)
  1. Those are amazing pictures! I am hoping for your sake that this
    winter won’t be like last year. But your idea of starting to work on the
    snow fence is a good one. Better safe than sorry.

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