Recent Events (Aug 2014)

Recent Events (Aug 2014)

The doe and her fawns have been around a lot recently.  They are growing up right before our very eyes, sniff, sniff.  🙂

Fawns (1280x850)

We had a heck of a storm with lots of lightning.  One strike hit just across Hwy 78 and started a fire.  JR called 911.  No answer.  He called the Fire Department.  No answer.  Luckily, the rain started pouring down and put the fire out.  Following the storm, we went back to East Rosebud and saw an even bigger burnt patch of ground.  We figure the firefighters must have been out there.  The fire was maybe fifty yards from a house.  Yikes.

Fire (1280x850)

After the storms roll through in the late afternoons, we’ve had some beautiful evenings.

End of day view (1280x720)


It’s so pretty when the palisades get lit up by the setting sun.