Big News (8-13-14)

Big News (8-13-14)

Don’t be mad, but we’ve been secreting away some big news for a few weeks.  JR and I had discussed the topic throughout our marriage, but did not think it would ever happen for us, especially at this time in our lives.  But, we decided to make a lifestyle change and made it happen back in July.  Are you ready?










It’s our new baby!  We are Lazy J RV ‘n!


Camper plate

Also known as the new “Guest Quarters.”  I kid!  I kid!

Ha.  C’mon, did I get any of you?  Probably not…but I had fun trying.  We never thought we would have a camper at all, or at least until we were closer to retirement.  Then, we saw one locally that was super compact, and had everything the two of us could possibly need.  I started looking around and reading up on them, and we decided to take the plunge.  After all, who knows what medical/mental state we may be in when we are older.  And, nearly all of the campgrounds in the surrounding areas require hard-sided campers – no tent camping – due to bear incidents.

It has been a long wait to “spill the beans” and being a youngest / Aries, it was HARD TO WAIT!  I’ve been waiting on the license plate to get here so I could post the picture!  You know you are in Montana when the title office’s address is Buckskin Drive in Deer Lodge, MT!

So, that trip to Idaho Falls / Moab / Frisco?  The Idaho Falls portion of the trip was to inspect and buy the camper.

Smith RV

That is the sales guy, not JR!

The trip to Moab was the first time ever towing anything like that and the first use of the camper (and boy did the A/C get a workout)!  Don’t get me wrong though.  It was still ridiculously hot.  And poor Scarlett did the “hot foot” dance whenever she had to go get some business done.  Poor Girly.  Ah, the Moab KOA.  We aren’t idiots – we reserved a pull-through campsite with full hookups for our first outing.  We did have our issues getting unhooked from the truck and set up the first night.  I won’t go into the embarrassing details.  Let’s just say we won’t ever forget an important step in the future.  In our defense, it was a long drive and 9pm going-on-no-dinner when we finally arrived at the campsite.  The “full hookups” didn’t get hooked up until the next morning!

The Frisco portion of the trip presented the challenge of pulling the camper over the mountain passes.  It was NOT FUN.  But, the campsite was so beautiful.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  And stay all summer long.  Another pull-through site.

Frisco site

Sheridan, WY initiated us with our first “dumping” of the gray and black tanks.  This was a good one.  I’m sure the folks in line behind us at the Flying J Travel Plaza were thrilled when we pulled out our Owner’s Manual in order to empty our tanks!  We got the book out and it told us to uncover the cap to the main drain (before you pull the levers for the black and gray tanks).  I gave JR latex gloves “just in case.”  (You didn’t think I was going to do it, did you?!  The latex gloves were on hand from “Driving Miss Daisy’s” medical needs.  That’s Scarlett, not me.  Don’t think I just carry latex gloves around) (And, if I’m being honest, they are actually Nitrile gloves because latex gloves gross me out)  (Yes, I have my own issues)  (Maybe I’ll try to limit my use of parentheses from here on out.)  (Maybe).  JR twisted the drain cap, pulled it off not expecting anything to come out just yet, and whoosh, out came a rush of….condensation.  Let’s just say there were a few “Aaaaaaaacckkkkk!”‘s involved before we realized it was just condensation.  WHEW, to say the least.

And, in my defense, I do have a role in the dumping of the tanks and I do actually touch the hose before and after the dumping.  We’ve got a system down now of who-does-what-when and it’s working out well for us.

I forgot how much fun I have writing these posts.  What a great mental break from the monotony of work.  More to come on the next few camping trips!  (There better be some comments on this post! 🙂  )

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  1. Welcome to the world of camping! “Who does what when,” is so important! And I completely understand all of this, though, admittedly, the hoses fall more under G’s category of to-do’s. Ha!

  2. Ahh, Yes! This will be much better all the way around. No wet tent to try to
    sleep in when it rains and you’ll no longer be bait for the bears! And I bet
    Scarlett is very excited.

  3. We like the camper and can’t wait to try it! You had us going for a minute. We thought we were getting a cousin! Have fun! Love you! Ally and Emily.

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