Traffic Light in Red Lodge! (8-11-14)

Traffic Light in Red Lodge! (8-11-14)

Oh, it is so hard to let go of that Huey post.  I’ll have to live on the memory I guess!  Back to regular life…SIGH…

OH NO!  A traffic light has been installed in Red Lodge!  The horror!

Traffic light

Okay, it’s just temporary.  It’s been a road work nightmare all over Montana, all summer long.  I guess when you only have three months to get it done…Still.  A traffic light.  And, guess who blew through a yellow because she wasn’t looking at the light, she was looking at the line of cars in front of her.  Yep, that’s me.  I would have scooted through anyway 🙂

I tried to get around this mess, by taking a “back way” I assumed was in existence and nearly got lost, if you can believe it.  My sense of direction is quite poor.  It probably took me fifteen minutes to get around the construction.  I guess I would not have waited that long at the light for the pilot car, but at least I was moving, right JR?!

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