One Year (Some Stats) 8/5/2014

One Year (Some Stats) 8/5/2014

I’ve been writing these goofy posts for a year now!  What fun!  Thanks to all who have visited and commented.  The comments absolutely make my day!  I’m always calling JR and telling him who commented and who said what.  We really enjoy that.

Some stats for the past year:

Unique Visitors:  549  (Keep in mind, this could be me checking at home, me checking during a visit to Atlanta, etc, and some hacks)

Countries:  10  (Some of these are from the attempted hacking of our site several months ago so this statistic isn’t very accurate.  Also, I’m sure some are from typing mistakes based on the “bounce rate.”)

Page Views:  4,302

67.5% of readership is Returning Visitors

# of Comments:  99 (C’mon, somebody break 100 for me!)

I know I’ve been lacking in content lately, so I’ll try to do better!  What do you want to hear more of, or more importantly, less of?!  We have some fun stuff we want to tell you about, but I have to get pictures loaded and edited and posts written.  It’s been busy for a place called the Lazy J!

5 comments on “One Year (Some Stats) 8/5/2014
  1. Am I number 100?! What do I win?! I check here almost every day, wanting to hear more news from you. I love your pictures. You do such a wonderful job. Your writing too! You are so very talented. I also check the RLT page to see how the weather is. This week I saw a truck coming up the driveway with a trailer and a kayak….looked like more company coming. Keep your stories coming. I love to hear and see what you are up to out there. Love you both. XO

  2. I love reading about all your adventures. Most times you make
    me feel like I’m there. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Looks like I am too late to be number 100. We love to read about your adventures. It helps us to stay close to you. We love to laugh about Scarlett, and we have a jealous eye on all of your adventures!

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