Scarlett (7/2014)

Scarlett (7/2014)

Technically, Scarlett is a “senior” dog.  She is eight by the calendar.  No one who meets her can possibly think this is the case.  After Timber passed last November, our vet bills decreased substantially.  Unfortunately, they are back on the rise.

Scarlett was diagnosed with doggy Lupus about a year ago but we haven’t been able to get rid of the flare-ups of her nose.  Her old medicine (the cheap one) stopped working.  She’s on month two of a three month run of three replacement meds (!).  During month one, they had to be given three times/day (I thought I had a dog, not a child).  Fortunately, her nose is improving and we are down to meds twice a day only.

Meds (720x1280)

Not shown, the copious amounts of cheese slices required to administer meds

On top of doggy lupus, Scarlett’s arthritis is getting worse.  I can’t stand watching her limp around.  Her body says “Let me rest” but her brain says “Go Go GO!”  We are trying to get her to a managable state, especially since nicer weather is here.  Hopefully, swimming will help with the arthritis.  We all love when she swims because she sleeps like the dead.  Sitting in the office I can hear her “sawing logs” in the garage!

On the arthritis front, we have Scarlett back on Adequan.  We had her on this a few years ago, but then they stopped making it.  Well, it’s available again, so we decided to get back on it.  It’s expensive at first – two shots a week for the first four weeks, then maintenance shots.

The vet gave Scarlett her first shot and then said, “How do you feel about giving her the rest of them?”  I said, “Uhhhh…wha?  I don’t know about that.”  They talked me into it.  While the shots are supposed to be given in the muscle, the vet said, “Really, as long as you get it intra-dog, it will be fine.”  Intra-dog?  Well, I guess I can manage that!

Scarlett shot (720x1280)

Jinkies!  Do I really have to do this?

I was pretty squirrely the first three times I did it.  If JR is in town, he will hold onto Scarlett and try and keep her still.  When JR is out of town, oh boy.  That’s a challenge with a wiggle-worm dog.  The upside – this medicine works great.  Four shots in and Scarlett is acting more like her old self – playing with toys, jumping around.  That makes us feel better, too.

Shot #4 was the charm – it doesn’t really bother me now.  Who knew I could do that?  It is a lot better than going to the vet twice a week for a month!  Vet Tech Jenny in training here in Red Lodge.  Maybe that’s my next calling.  I bet dogs in Hawaii need a vet tech!

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  1. Hi Jen, I know what you’re feeling. As you probably know, I had to give Buddy 2 shots a day for at least 5 years. Never thought I could do it, but like you, I got used to it. I just had to lift the skin on the back of his neck and inject. Buddy was good and never flinched. We can get used to anything to help our furry friends.

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