We Decided to Camp in the Desert…in July (July 2014)

We Decided to Camp in the Desert…in July (July 2014)

JR and I headed out on our first road trip of the summer.  We went through YNP – not as a destination, but as the quickest way West.  The one time we were not in the park to see wildlife, we saw more wildlife than ever before.  There was a big backup on the road, and JR and I were thinking, “Oh geez, c’mon people, it’s a bison.”  Oh no it wasn’t.  It was a beautful elk with velvety antlers:

July - Elk (1280x850)

I would love to find those shed antlers!

We saw a fox, bison (of course), and a baby moose!  I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of him/her, but he/she looked like a small horse!  So cute.

We headed to Idaho Falls for a night and then down to Moab.  It was “on the way” to Vail where we were headed to see a Darius Rucker concert.  Did we consider that Moab is HOT in July?  Noooo, of course not.  We just wanted to see the Arches.  When I say hot, I mean HOT.  At 9pm, it was 103 degrees.  Dry heat or not, it was hot.  Do you get that I was hot?  There was a slight bit of relief in the early morning hours, but by 9am it was roasting again.  We went to Arches National Park in the morning and still couldn’t believe how scorching it was.  Very pretty though:

Moab (1280x850)


Moab4 (1280x850)

Moab1 (1280x850)

Moab2 (1280x850)

Moab3 (1280x850)

Moab5 (1280x850)

Moab6 (1280x850)

Moab7 (1280x850)

Moab-slide (1280x850)

People were sliding down this gigantic slope! Bet they had dirt in every crack and crevice!

Moab-Wolfe (1280x850)

Wolfe cabin

Per the Arches information, “The Wolfes built a one-room cabin, a corral, and a small dam across Salt Wash. For more than a decade they lived alone on the remote ranch. In 1906, Wolf’s daughter Flora Stanley, her husband, and their children moved to the ranch. Shocked at the primitive conditions, Stanley convinced her father to build a new cabin with a wood floor.”  So, this is the upgraded version.  Uh-huh.  I would have loved to have heard that conversation between father and daughter!

We were happy to leave the warmth of Moab, hopefully to return another Spring when we are ready to be away from the cold and snow.  What joy to arrive in Frisco, CO, see trees and live vegetation, get out of the car and feel cool crisp air!  Temps in the 70s are much more my style.  We cleaned up and headed to the concert.  It was great!  Everybody was up and dancing throughout the whole show.  Fun, fun, fun!  It got downright chilly during the night, but none of us were complaining!

Reserved sign (1280x721)

Wish we could have stayed longer! Beautiful camp site.

You know you’re in Colorado when:

CO sign (721x1280)

Sign in Backcountry Brewery, Frisco, CO

It was a long day driving home, and someone was glad to get back:

S glad to be home (1280x721)

It sure was nice having her around 24/7.  I miss having her in the house (but I don’t miss cleaning up after her).  The hair, oh the shedding right now.  My goodness.

Some more wildlife visited us when we got back home.  We saw these “Bambi” and their Mamas several weeks ago when the babies were just tiny.  They grow up so fast:

Bambis (1280x849)

Then, the following morning, I nearly dropped my coffee cup walking into the kitchen to see these Mule bucks.  I accidentally dropped my lens cap and they all looked over at me standing in the dining room.  Good ploy!

Mule Bucks (1280x850)

It was a great trip, and we can’t wait to get back out on the road next week!


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