Sandhill Crane (5/28/14)

Sandhill Crane (5/28/14)

This guy….

Crane (531x800)

and his mate are DRIVING US NUTS!!!!!

I know I spoke of waking to their calls very fondly recently.  Well, I’m over it!  They are like CLOCKWORK.  Every freaking morning at 5:30am, they start squalling.  We gave up and decided to close the windows and turn on the a/c so we can sleep past dawn!  It was either close the windows or introduce them to Smith & Wesson.  It’s really quite annoying – during the day, they are all over the place, away from our house.  We’ve seen them as far as a few miles up Hwy 78.  “Lucky us,” they come back to Scilley Mountain Vista to bed down for the night.  Sheesh.

Crane casserole anyone?

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  1. Crane casserole? Love it! I guess it’s always something. In Atlanta, it was police sirens; now we have huge frogs (almost as big as the pic I sent you, sitting with Z on the bench), croak, croak! G keeps teasing me about frog legs. Pot luck?!

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