Blacksmith / Bonfire (5/17/14)

Blacksmith / Bonfire (5/17/14)

On Saturday, JR and I went to a Blacksmith Demo and Art Auction in Roscoe.

Blacksmith Event

Blacksmith talk

Blacksmith at work

Blacksmith fire

Blacksmith work 2

One guy made a bottle opener and was about to pass it around.  Somebody handed him a bottle of beer to make sure it worked!  That got some laughs.  He also made a grill fork / serving fork piece with beautiful detail.  It amazes me they can craft fine details with those big tools.

The auction was held in the Roscoe Community Center.  We went in to look at the items up for auction.  Look at the cool pictures in the entrance to the Community Center.  I just love these.  Sorry for the reflection – the door was propped open – couldn’t be helped.

Long Otter

Long Otter



Wedding pics

We did make a purchase at the Blacksmith event.  It was a “straight purchase” rather than part of the auction.  I don’t trust myself to have an auction paddle.  When they asked if we wanted one, I really, really, wanted one, but was too afraid!  If I want something that much, I probably shouldn’t get it!  We’ll have to share the purchase specifics at a later date.

Later that evening, we went to a bonfire at our friend’s house.  We finally burned our Christmas tree.


It was a bit chilly, but everything is green and beautiful.  Hopefully all that snow means the “green” will stay around for awhile.

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  1. I would like to see the blacksmith demo – I also love those kind of pictures! What did you buy?

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