Hide & Seek (4/30/14)

Hide & Seek (4/30/14)

After finding the wind had died down in the evening, we went for a walk “redo.”  We walked down the back pasture and I asked JR to go hide from Scarlett.  She loves a good game of hide ‘n seek and she’s actually quite good at it.  It is also quite fun to be found by Scarlett – she goes nuts!  So, we gave JR a few minutes to hide himself.  He picked the best hiding spot – the egress window!

It didn’t take Scarlett too long though, and she sniffed him out. That straight tail means serious business!





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One comment on “Hide & Seek (4/30/14)
  1. JR found a great place to hide. But I’m not surprised that
    Scarlett found him. She has natural hunting instincts. She’s
    very good at finding people and things!

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